Pre-Loved Jaceys Buy Back Scheme

We are ALL guilty of buying an outfit to wear it once and throw it to the back of our wardrobes.
The UK based charity WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) has estimated that £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfills each year, and £30 billion worth of unused clothing is still sitting in our wardrobes nationwide (WRAP, 2018)
A huge 190,000 tons of microplastic fibres are going into the oceans each year!
We would love to do our bit to combat fast fashion and minimize the amount of clothing that is thrown away. Using our Pre-Loved Jaceys Buy Back Scheme, you can send your unwanted Jaceys Clothing back to us in exchange for credit to use on our online store. This gives you the opportunity to clear out your clothing stress-free and earn something back, and gives others the opportunity to buy second hand products for a low price. This scheme is not for our profit, just to encourage recycling and save our customers money. Items must be in a good resellable condition. Please carefully read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.


How does it work?

1. Fill out the quote request form below. Leave as much information as possible for an accurate quote

2. We review the request and reply as soon as possible, giving you a quote for your item(s). Credit will be capped at £10 per item.

3. Send your item(s) to us. You will pay for the postage but you can use any postal service you like. You are also welcome to drop it into our store if you are local! (Please message us to confirm this)

4. We will send you your store credit within 7 working days of receiving your products. Credit will be valid for 1 year and cannot be used in conjunction with other promo codes.

5. We list your items for sale on our website ready to go to a new home for a good price! The item will be listed slightly higher than your quote to cover our fees.

6. Any items we do not sell will be donated to charity or upcycled/remade into something else! 




Terms and conditions

  • Credit will be calculated based on condition, age and estimated resell price. This is at our disgression, we are under no obligation to accept the item for buy back if we do not believe we can resell it.
  • Quotes will be low, as the item will be sold for a low price to encourage recycling and reusing. Credit will be capped at £10 per item.
  • Credit will be given up to 7 working days of receiving the item.
  • Credit will be valid for one year from the date given.
  • Bikini bottoms and swimsuits will not be eligible for the scheme.
  • You must disclose any flaws and describe the condition accurately. If the item is not in the condition it was described, we are under no obligation to pay the credit, or send the item back.
  • We are not liable for any item that is lost in transit. Please retain all proof of postage to resolve with your postal service.